Why is it so important to buy real estate
in Montenegro
with a real estate agent?
break down the language barrier
Ideally, if you choose an English-speaking realtor with knowledge of Montenegrin, so you will be able to speak your native language with ease and still be sure that the realtor will convey all the nuances from the local seller.
get your bearings
Even if you’ve been to Montenegro before, it’s a mistake to assume that you know which city is the best place to buy a home. Despite the fact that this country is small, real estate, prices and even utility bills vary from city to city. Only a competent specialist can help you find the ideal option for all your wishes.
сheck the property for debts and building permits
In Montenegro, unfortunately, there are all kinds of properties: with unapproved or withdrawn urbanization plan, illegalized, with deviations from the building permit, with violation of the functional type of development and many more. The realtor has access and all resources to officially verify the encumbrances of the property.
find competent specialists
Thanks to extensive experience, realtors know the process-buying and selling in detail, and therefore will attract really competent specialists: notaries, translators, if necessary — lawyers.
get the best value for money
The realtor is oriented in the Montenegrin real estate market: knows the best options, has access to objects that can not be found on the Internet, is aware of the reduction or increase in prices and hot offers. At the same time, Montenegro is a small country, specialists here are passed on by word of mouth, and every realtor is really worried about his reputation. So you can be sure that he will try to choose the perfect option for you.

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