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Utility payments
by European standards, the maintenance of real estate in Montenegro is inexpensive.
The average electricity bill in June 2023 was €27.26. The line "for light" in Montenegro is the most expensive in the receipt, because there is no gas or heating in houses. Air conditioners, stoves, floor heating, boilers and other household appliances more familiar to the Russian eye work on electricity. The night tariff is lower than the day tariff, so Montenegrins prefer to use washing machines and dishwashers after 23:00.
Electricity bills, especially in winter time, can reach both €50 and €100. In June 2023, according to the Electricity Company of Montenegro, only 2% of consumers received a bill for more than €100.
On average, a family spends €15−20 for water (when consuming 10−15 cubic meters). In areas where there is no centralized water supply, it is necessary to pay for imported water — €5−7 per cubic meter.
A home internet package costs €25−40 per month depending on the tariff. Cable TV — €10−20, Russian channels can be connected for an additional cost.
In Montenegro compulsory payments are also house maintenance (€10−15 per month) and garbage collection (€5−6 per apartment, up to €12 per house).
Receipts in Montenegro are put in the mailbox and bills are paid in the bank or at the post office, although some of them can be received by e-mail and paid through an app.
On average, a family of two pays €115−120 per month for an 80 square meter apartment. But tariffs vary from city to city — the larger and more popular the city, the higher the utility bills.

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