Apartments in Montenegro.
New buildings vs secondary housing
the secondary property market of Montenegro is represented by a wide range of housing. At the same time, the prices are lower than for new buildings, and bargaining is possible.
Secondary apartments and apartments are characterized by a good location, often in the center, in areas with already developed infrastructure. They are tested by time and life: you can immediately see the weak points, such as not too good noise insulation, problems with dampness, electricity, etc. If the problems are non-critical and solvable — the housing is comfortable to live in, and for its shortcomings you can get a discount.
Buying an apartment in Montenegro on the secondary real estate market is almost always possible with already installed furniture and appliances, and this gives the opportunity to quickly move in, or to organize a rental business here and now, without unnecessary costs.
In addition, some apartment buildings have swimming pools that residents pay to maintain. If you buy an apartment in an occupied building, it is easier to pay for such services.
At the same time, the houses may be in poor condition, do not meet modern standards of earthquake resistance, not always made quality insulation and often there is no elevator. The apartments themselves are often in need of repair. In addition, you may find problems with documentation and missing building permits.
new homes are more likely to be located farther from the center
Prices on the new building market in Montenegro are higher compared to the secondary housing market. There are often higher fees for the maintenance of the house by the management company. In addition, it is worth budgeting extra money to furnish the apartment with furniture and appliances.
It should also be borne in mind that if flaws were made during construction, they will only be visible over time.
At the same time, the service life of a newly built house is higher, new communications, wiring, quality insulation of the house is installed. There is almost always an elevator. New houses are built in compliance with all the requirements of earthquake resistance. Buying housing in a new building in Montenegro, you get an apartment with a modern layout and new repair from the builder with a guarantee. In this case, there is an opportunity to furnish the apartment to your taste. Often the price of housing in a new building already includes payment for parking space, or there is an opportunity to purchase parking.
Buying an apartment in a new building is attractive from an investment point of view, as the demand for renting such housing is higher. And most importantly, buyers of real estate from developers are exempt from paying 3% tax (for new buildings up to five years).

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