Features of Montenegrin
real estate
not all houses in Montenegro have an exact address
Very often the address is just the name of the city and the house b/n. And if the letter carrier will recognize you by sight, it is better to leave a phone number for delivery services and cabs.
where did the window sill disappear to?
Montenegro has no gas, central heating or hot water
The main source of heat is electricity. Cooking is done on electric stoves, water is heated by boilers. In winter, apartments are heated with air conditioners, underfloor heating or heaters; stove heating is rare in houses.
showers instead of bathtubs
Bathrooms are unpopular in Montenegro, more often you will find shower cabins. If there is a bathroom, it is usually smaller than the size we are used to. In addition, in the bathroom you can often see a window to the street.
you won’t find a window sill in any apartment in Montenegro
There are no cold winters here, so houses are built with thin walls. Only the frame fits in the window niche, and there is no room for a window sill.
you'll be hard-pressed to find wallpaper on sale for renovations
The walls here are usually painted, and with lime paint. The point is that in the period of prolonged rains, in case of poor or no ventilation system, mold may appear on the walls.
everyday habits
Among the appliances in a Montenegrin apartment you will not always find a microwave oven or even a kettle, but there will almost certainly be a dishwasher. Montenegrins don’t like to cook in advance, they drink tea as a cure for colds, and they save hot water.
A pleasant discovery: in Montenegro, the services of real estate agents and realtors are usually paid by the seller.

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